Hi! - welcome to my site

Who am I?

I'm a Software Engineer with over 35 years experience of developing large, real time Command and Control computer systems. I've worked on all stages of the Software Development Lifecycle and have team leading and project management experience of small to medium size projects. I currently support a number of projects and am constantly called upon to use my expertise in Microsoft Office products, in particular Excel and Word.

At Home

I resisted having a computer at home for a long time, but when I finally succumbed, I found ways to integrate it into all of my hobbies and interests. My main interests are in music arranging and digital photography. Having created a number of small web sites at work and for my theatre company, I decided to extend my web design experience to create this site and document my various interests and share them with others. In doing so, I have recalled a lot of happy memories.

This Site

My principal hobbies are Music and Football. Follow these links and we may find a common interest.

News Items

Updated League Decider and Cup Final programmes in the
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