Below are the shows which I've taken part in over the years. Click on the title for full details and photos.


John Nash (Bill Snibson)

Natalie Stevens (Sally Smith)

Pauline Richards (Maria, Duchess of Dene)

Derek Surry (Sir John Tremayne)

Christopher Malone (Gerald Bollingbroke)

Cathie Poole (Lady Jaqueline Carstone)

Derek Drennan (Cedric Parchester)

Geoff Gibson (Lord Battersby)

Sally Steele (Lady Battersby)

Tom Howkins (Sir Jasper Tring)

Alan Murray (Butler)

Jeff Chinappen (Pearly King)

Mary Watkins (Pearly Queen)

Geotge Boyeldieu (Major Domo)

Caroline Hayes (Lady Brighton)

Hannah Steele (Mrs. Stainsley-Asherton)

Yvonne Howkins (Mrs. Worthington-Worthington)

Bob Barking (Jonathan Pink)

Constable (Iain Fulton)

Julie Brown, Lucy Hanson (Maids)

Sally Steele (Mrs. Brown)

Jan Boyeldieu, Lynn Daniels, Lauretta Edmondson, Alison Fulton, Lisa Middlecott, Julie Rawson, Helen Rendell, Julie Steele, Jan Vaghela, Rachel Wasmuth

John Bazley, Lee Gage, Ian Gibson, Colin Jenner, Ashley Reddin, George Wood

Director and Choreographer

Brenda Stevens

Musical Director

Neil Shrimpton

"The Family Solicitor" from 'Me And My Girl' (STC 2001)

"The Family Solicitor"

John Nash, Derek Drennan and Derek Surry - 'Me And My Girl' (STC 2001)

John Nash, Derek Drennan and Derek Surry