Below are the shows which I've taken part in over the years. Click on the title for full details and photos.


Chris Dyson (EmCee)

Tony Makepeace (Clifford Bradshaw)

David Wickenden (Ernst Ludwig)

Frank Prosser (Customs Officer)

Dorothea Cave (Frauline Schneider)

Janet Pearson (Frauline Kost)

Norman Marks (Herr Schultz)

Alison Robertson (Sally Bowles)

Angela Crockford, Gillian Fielding (Two Ladies)

Peter Campbell (Max)

Simon Hester (Boy)

Maria TruszKowska (Gorilla)

Peter Smith, Mark Walker, Derek Drennan (German Sailors)

Valerie Carr, Tamra Cave, Wendy Howard, Sheila Miles, Amanda Scott, Sarah Goddard, Muriel Himson, Gail Prosser, Berni Messenger, Andrew Naish

Producer and Musical Director

Norman Marks


Lynn James

A German sailor 'Cabaret' (Kingston Operatic 1995)

A German sailor