Below are the shows which I've taken part in over the years. Click on the title for full details and photos.


Julia Addison (Charity Hope Valentine)

Georgina King (Helene)

Melanie Suller (Nickie)

Catherine Grout (Carmen)

Gina Brill (Rosie)

Laurie Tweedale (Suzanne)

Louisa Goh (Frenchie)

Bee-Ann Lim (Betsy)

Sarah Moltoni (Elaine)

Joe Wicks (Herman)

Trevor Morgan (Marvin)

Leonie Barron (Ursula March)

Derek Drennan (Vittorio Vidal)

David Lillie (Manfred)

John Franks (Oscar Lindquist)

Derek Hirst (Daddy Brubeck)

Richard Ford, Catherine Grout (Brubeck's Assistants)

Enrico Kwong (Soloist)

Millie (The Dog)

Christel Dodds, Julia Harries, Marianne Kaufmann, Silke Muller, Marion Rosenberg, Mary Soane, Mei-An Sung, Vicky Swerling

Stephen Battersby, Gareth Brown, Angus Henderson, Simon Ibbotson, Lin Mi-Ying


Matthew Soane

Musical Director

Guy Middlemiss

Derek Drennan and Julia Addison - 'Sweet Charity' (ICOS 1997)

Derek Drennan and Julia Addison

"Vidal's Bedroom" from 'Sweet Charity' (ICOS 1997)

"Vidal's Bedroom"

Leonie Barron and Derek Drennan - 'Sweet Charity' (ICOS 1997)

Leonie Barron and Derek Drennan